Coffee corner

Coffee + ice cream = pleasure

Even in hot summer days, we like good coffee to refresh us: coffee with ice, creamy iced coffee, caffè shakerato, frappé coffee …
These are just some of the refreshing coffee drinks that delight us with their flavour and aroma, while at the same time pleasantly cool us.

The affogato comes closest to a true dessert – melt one or two creamy ice cream scoops in a good espresso. Can you imagine a better dessert?

Affogato al caffè – useful tips
– Serve coffee and ice cream separately. Pour the coffee over the ice cream only a moment before starting to enjoy it. For a good affogato, it is important to choose aromatic coffee – we recommend our carefully selected coffee blend Enjoy caffè.

– Choose the right flavour of ice cream:
• Vanilla ice cream: a traditional combination with which you cannot miss. Milk proteins bind to coffee tannins, making it less bitter and more flavourful.
• Hazelnut ice cream: this is an ideal combination for those looking for intense flavours. The rich hazelnut flavour elevates the already luxurious taste of coffee.
   • Almond ice cream: for those with the most demanding taste who want something more. The fruit of the almond tree is often recognized among coffee aromas – intoxicating pampering that has no equal.

– Never combine coffee ice cream with coffee, as the espresso aroma gets covered by the aroma of coffee used to make the ice cream, making your affogato heavier
– Real gourmets, round up your delight with freshly whipped cream.

Enticingly good coffee + excellent creamy ice cream = an unforgettable affogato.

Let it pleasantly cool you in these summer days!